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Sara Sullivan Mission


My name is Sara Sullivan and I believe that radiant health is our birthright.

Would you like to feel younger, healthier, leaner & more vibrant with each passing day?

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.
It can be done.

My goal is to provide you with the most genuine + effective nutrition tips that you can progressively incorporate into your lifestyle.

  • FOCUS.

    Focusing on the right changes creates BIG results.

  • DIET.

    Conventional dieting is nothing short of sheer torture.

  • HOPE.

    Pursue your hopes. not your fears.

  • 🍂


    Life should be simple & delicious.

The quality of your energy, vibrancy and your life is a direct reflection of what you put into your body.

Have you ever dreamed that you had bright, glowing skin, a lean body, and unlimited amounts of energy?

You ABSOLUTELY can. (Everyday too.)

My goal is to teach you, how you can accomplish more with less.

Small changes to your diet can add up into something magnificent, completely transforming how you look and feel. Sometimes just a slight shift in perspective can create a major breakthrough.

I am so excited to share with you my best health tips, tricks and secrets along with hundreds of mind-blowing recipes. And by the way, I don’t just talk about health + wellness — I’m living by my own lessons.

Whether you are natural foods connoisseur or cranking out dinner from an Old El Paso taco kit, my simple, easy recipes composed of vibrant, natural foods will make you feel fresh and alive!

My passion is to help people, people just like you, succeed.

Are you ready to set your personal standards higher than ever before and discover the beauty in simplicity? Fabulous, your in the right place.

It is N E V E R to late to feel your best.

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Marilyn Bron

Sara makes food seem exciting, simple, nourishing and supportive of life. Her recipes are delicious and eating well is a pleasure.

Marilyn Bron
Helene Michalski

I find her to be extremely knowledgable and scientific in her approach as well as realistic to each persons needs.

Helene MichalskiHelene M. Ltd

I’ve turned around our lives and I feel I have gained a new friendship.

Catherine Hickey

Sara is a wealth of knowledge in regards to nutrition and great tasting food!

Catherine Hickey