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Almond Veggie Burgers (vegan)

I salivate over raw chocolate fudge and dream of kale salads but get excited about burgers? Not likely. That is until I tried this little beauty. It’s tough to describe the unique flavor profile, but you’re going to want to experience this je ne sais quoi for yourselves. Trust me. Each bite oozes healthy, tasty,…

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Brussels Sprouts Avocado Caesar Salad

Simple, fresh, and perfect for you Brussels Sprout lovers! Today I bring you a powerhouse of a salad. We are leaving behind the traditional romaine for hearty and nutrient rich Brussels Sprouts. Then we’re tossing it with a nice creamy dressing, and topping it with some toasted up croutons. Yum. An easy spin on a…

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Chocolate Fudge Cups (Love!)

I’m giving you something to love. Packed with cashews, cocoa powder and coconut oil, these little cups are everything you’ve ever wanted in a dessert and more. Yet, the most miraculous thing about these bite-sized wonders is that they look incredibly impressive, yet they couldn’t be easier to make. They are glorious. Just imagine the…

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