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Marilyn Bronzi

Several years ago my energy was low, I felt bloated, felt tired in the afternoon. Exercise was unappealing so I was carrying extra weight. Within a month after seeing Sara I was eating differently and thinking differently about food. After two months I no longer experienced salt/sweet cravings. I eliminated refined sugar from my diet and added fruits and veggies. Almond milk became a staple. Food tasted better and was more nourishing.

Sara makes food seem exciting, simple, nourishing and supportive of life. Her recipes are delicious and eating well is a pleasure.

Marilyn Bronzihttp://
Helene Michalski

I have met with Sara on a one to one basis and have done a number of her workshops over the past couple of years. I find her to be extremely knowledgable and scientific in her approach as well as realistic to each persons needs.  Sara has definitely helped me to change the way I eat  for the better making me feel more energetic and a bit lighter!  I truly believe she is one of the best whole foods nutritionists and I keep coming back for more information and inspiration!

Helene Michalski Helene M. Ltd

I’m so glad I went to Sara because as a vegetarian myself with a vegan husband I needed more information on planning a better menu with variety and more healthy options. I got that and much much more! I’ve turned around our lives and I feel I have gained a new friendship.

Catherine Hickey

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sara for the past 6 years. During that time I have learned a great deal from her about healthy eating habits  for my entire family, kids included!  I have participated in her healthy eating challenge and realized how important good nutrition truly is and how good it can truly taste.

Sara is a wealth of knowledge in regards to nutrition and great tasting food!  She certainly leads by example with her healthy lifestyle. Never judging those who may be of track a bit. Her recipes are easy to manage and are great tasting (from a mom with extremely picking eaters)!  It is always a pleasure listening to her talk with such passion and expertise about healthy eating.

Catherine Hickey
Erica Napuli

The addition of Sara Sullivan’s nutrition counseling has been a wonderful compliment to the services offered at Evolution Fitness. Her holistic approach fits perfectly with our philosophy on fitness and wellness for improved health and optimum performance. With Sara’s guidance people are making positive changes in their nutrition habits to back up all their hard work and improve their overall health. Our clients have had this to say…

“Sara makes nutrition decisions easy and has helped me get back to what my body really needs.”

“Sara has an unintimidating approach to nutrition. She allows me to feel comfortable discussing my difficulty with food choices and has helped me come up with sensible solutions for eating better.”

Erica NapuliCEO : Evolution Fitness MeEvolution Fitness Me
Beth Lucien

Sara Sullivan has changed my life.  I am much more conscious of what I eat and what I feed my family. We all eat much healthier as a result. Sara practices what she preaches, which I respect.  She is always studying and learning about nutrition and health in general. She educates with encouragement and understanding and without judgement.  She never makes me feel guilty if I ‘fall off the wagon’. Sara remains supportive and positive. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Beth Lucien
Oanh Rubink

THANK YOU for all your amazing advice. You truly are great at what you do! I’m almost 40 years old and this was the first time I’ve ever done a cleanse.  I must say it was easy and enjoyable! All of the recipes were amazingly delicious and simple to make.  I have consumed a lot of vegetables and fruits and my body is thanking me. This is exactly what I needed and it will change my life for the better and I have you to thank for that! One thing I have come to learn, if you don’t have your health you have nothing, so it’s time to make a choice today!

Oanh RubinkExecutive assistant for UnitedHealthcare
Marilee Marrinan

Sara has the rare talent and skill of combining well researched information, creative and delicious recipes and delightful sense of humor to the realm of nutrition. Her knowledge base is vast, careful and accurate. Her recipes are created to allow for the busy contemporary lifestyles we lead, and are so delicious that one truly forgets about how incredibly nutritious they are designed to be. Her enthusiasm and belief in what she knows, shares and teaches reflects her dedication to spreading the word about whole-some, nutrition that gives energy and restores health. If you have not had a session or taken a workshop with Sara Sullivan, then you have missed out! Don’t delay in making time with Sara a priority for your health today!

Marilee MarrinanHolistic Therapist, Yarmouth, ME
Donna Collins

Thank you for bringing “life” back into my life!

Donna Collins