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you’ve got questions. I have answers

I provide individual (1-on-1), couples, teen and small group sessions using a highly individualized process that will help you achieve your results.
It is never about one particular food, nutrient or magic number on the scale. Instead, I teach you how your body uses the food you eat to support and sustain your lifestyle, arming you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices.
I am not about fad diets or supplements – just science-based nutrition advice to help guide you towards a healthier lifestyle, one delicious meal at a time!


This session is for you if:
  • you are interested in jump starting a wellness program
  • you are feeling tired, run down and fatigued
  • you are frustrated with past attempts at lasting weight loss
  • you have nutrition questions that need answers
  • you have intense cravings for foods that just aren’t serving you
  • you want to transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle but you don’t know where to begin

Dietary perfection is NOT possible.

What is possible, is understanding your complete individuality and embracing it.

During our session, we will discuss a healthy eating plan that keeps your health concerns in mind, and also incorporates your individual needs such as including your personal nutrient requirements, food preferences, lifestyle and level of physical activity.

Are you ready to have consistent energy, enjoy a healthy weight + look & feel younger?

You will leave our session with:
  • My ebook loaded with crazy delicious recipes — give it a test drive, see how great you feel!
  • Answered questions and up-to-date nutrition information to clear up any confusion + frustration you may have surrounding food and nutrition.
  • Practical nutrition recommendations that you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule.
  • New energy, enthusiasm and excitement so that you can stop worrying and start living!

Simplicity, motivation, and enjoyment are the keys to lasting results.

Even if you ARE a healthy eater + exercise regularly, I guarantee you’ll acquire new information that will leave you supercharged and super excited!

What’s next :

Are you ready for a little clarity + motivation?

Each single session is customized to your needs and includes gentle, easy-to-implement recommendations for positive food and lifestyle changes. Schedule your one-on-one session today!

  1. Initial Consult: 90-minutes/ $125
  2. Follow-up Session: 60-minutes/ $85
  3. Follow-up Session: 30-minutes/ $55

Single Sessions are available for long-distance clients. We can connect via email, phone, Skype, or Facetime, depending on your preference. Please contact me for additional information.


Do you have further questions about single sessions?

Email me and let’s connect!

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, I do not do any direct billing to insurance companies for nutritional counseling services. You may submit your receipt after your service and work with your insurance company for reimbursement.
Please be advised that nutrition therapy is often covered but it can have exclusions and limited visits placed on it. I recommend that you call your insurance company first if this is a concern. Payment will be expected at the time of each session.